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International Programme Franco-Chinois- a double bachelor’s diploma:

ESC (Ecole Superieur Commerce), France

  • Management: Principles of management, organization theory, behavioral science.
  • Communication : Business communication, personnel management, human relations .
  • Marketing : Marketing theory, sale management, simulation Markstra.
    2000-2002 City University of Hong Kong
  • Majored in courses contributing to management qualification: Management, accounting, economics, marketing, sociology

    Work Experience
    02.2004 Internship of 7 months –XXX Associe, in France
    Result: This is a communication’s agency which serves the vendors of luxury brands like LAMCOME, ARMANI, VAN CLEEF&ARPELS. I am assigned to their department of marketing responsible for the Chinese market and attending to such matters as analyzing the findings of market research, monitoring the reactions to market reports, business prospecting and negotiations with the client, and the establishment of their first office in Chine.
    The agency began their first serious discussions with the Chinese group Zheng.
    02.2003 Market reseach - YYY, in France
    This is a biscuit company which holds 8% of the confectionery market in France. I researched the market and analyzed the preferences of their consumers. On this internship, I applied successful marketing methodology and, with my work team, designed a questionnaire, as well as formulated a budget for launching the <<  Biscuits Roses>> in Chine.
    The company has targeted to launch the product in 2005.
    01.2002 Market reseach - YYY, in France
    Supply chain management: My job was to check the quality and the quantity of the stock in Carrefour. In this I made good practice with the FIFO inventory system for product flow control .

    Skills Set
    Chinese Mother tongue
    French Maitrise
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Internet, Visual Basic and FoxPro

    06.2002  Voluntary Help of 3 months
    I was assistant to the American teacher in the project 'Help Western China', a scheme sponsored by CCC Manufacturing International Corporation. There, I gave English and computer lessons.
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