Award Categories
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Extraordinary Employer of the Year

This award recognizes the extraordinary employers of Hong Kong that support a holistic approach to building a work environment in which employees are constantly engaged and committed to business success.
Entrants will be evaluated based on company policy, corporate values, and management structure that create a culture of connection, collaboration and trust while making sure employees feel inspired to perform at their best.

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Extraordinary Partnership Award

This award recognizes organizations that demonstrate extraordinary partnership support to cultivate a better workplace and recruitment & education environment in Hong Kong.
Entrants should provide support in constructing a better career & employment, training & education service in Hong Kong.

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Recruitment Strategy

Extraordinary Corporate Training Award

This award recognizes excellence in the design and implementation of an effective corporate training program for employees.
Entrants should demonstrate the overview & outcome of their corporate training campaigns or schemes for creating a positive influence on employees.

Extraordinary Recruitment Strategy Award

This award recognizes organizations with the most effective recruitment strategy in finding the right talents through identifying, tracking, interviewing, onboarding and training.
Entrants will be evaluated based on the effectiveness of tactics on talent acquisition. Common recruitment KPIs include cost per hire, quality of hire, and time to hire.

Extraordinary Retention Strategy Award

This award recognizes organizations that have developed an effective strategy to keep employees motivated and focused so they elect to remain employed and fully productive for the benefit of the organizations.
Entrants should provide an overview of the strategies and demonstrate the effectiveness of the retention plan, including staff turnover rate, impacts on employee retention, costs, and return on investment.

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Talent Development

Extraordinary Employee Engagement & Communication Award

This award recognizes organizations that design and implement an effective approach to bring positive impacts to employee engagement and communication.
Entrants should demonstrate the impacts with quantitative figures such as employee survey results and levels for satisfaction. Positive impacts may include improvement of staff retention and employee performance.

Extraordinary Gen-Z Talent Development Award

The award recognizes organizations’ initiatives to design extraordinary talent development strategies specific for Gen Zers.
Entrants should provide an overview and outcome of the Gen-Z talent development program or initiative and demonstrate how this has brought out the best of their young talents to meet their business needs and strategic goals.

Extraordinary Learning & Development Award

This award recognizes organizations that design extraordinary training & development strategies and adopt a positive approach to nurture their employees to achieve the organizations’ goals.
Entrants should provide an overview and outcome of the learning & development program or initiative and demonstrate how this has benefited both employees and organizations.

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Goal Achievement

Extraordinary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award

This award recognizes organizations that commit to making a difference and provide positive social values by contributing to all aspects of CSR, including environment, education, human rights, sustainability, and society.
Entrants will be evaluated based on the impacts created by their CSR strategy on business strategy and employee activities.

Extraordinary Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Award

This Award recognizes organizations that have implemented significant changes in organizational culture & remarkable influence of the employee involvement in the ESG initiatives, approach and HR practice.

Extraordinary Flight COVID-19 Award

This award recognizes organizations that contribute extraordinary efforts to fight for COVID-19 and spiritual support to encourage and strengthen social unity and community.
Entrants should demonstrate the mission and action in supporting the fighting against COVID-19.

Extraordinary Reward & Recognition Strategy Award

This award recognizes an organization’s strategy that effectively rewards employees for their contributions to the success of a business and ensures they feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to achieve company goals.
The reward & recognition strategy can be employee recognition and benefits programs, pay for performance, and appreciation events.

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Extraordinary Workplace Culture Award

This award recognizes organizations that adopt a positive approach to create a workplace fulfilled with a happy culture where employees are aligned with the business’s values, vision and work style.
A happy workplace culture could be determined by, but not limited to a culture of feedback, diversity, a sense of pride, and higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention rate.

Extraordinary Diversity & Inclusion Award

This award recognizes excellence in the diversity and inclusion in the company or corporates from its leadership. Entrants should demonstrate the overall diversity and inclusion of their employees.

Extraordinary Employee Wellness Award

This award recognizes organizations that promote a healthy work atmosphere and help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance with extraordinary strategies and initiatives.
Entrants should provide an overview of the strategies and demonstrate how this has avoided burnout and embedded well-being of the workforce and provided flexible work provisions that will allow employees to do activities outside their work.

Extraordinary Employee-friendly Facilities Award

This award recognizes organizations that have created a flexible and collaborative workspace to keep employees happy at work by instilling employee-friendly facilities.
Entrants should explain how the facilities could contribute to employee performance and appeal to new talents while maintaining the company culture.

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HR Technology

Extraordinary HR Digitalization Award

This award recognizes organizations that adopt extraordinary HR technology solutions to create newer operational HR processes to help improve communication, collaboration, and access to data analytics in the workforce.
Entrants should demonstrate the improvement of the work efficiency and productivity of HR with an increase in technology.

Extraordinary Technology Deployment Award

This award recognizes organizations that demonstrate extraordinary technology deployment in powering a better workplace for employees to work in.
Entrants should provide an overview of the technology used and the alignment of the use of technology with the organization’s goals.

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Extraordinary Employer Brand Management Award (Catering)

Extraordinary Employer Brand Management Award (Retail)

Extraordinary Employer Brand Management Award (Logistics)

Extraordinary Employer Brand Management Award (Construction)

Extraordinary Employer Brand Management Award (Property Management)

This award recognizes extraordinary brands from different industries with outstanding service performance, remarkable brand management strategy, and positive brand experience for their employees.
Entrants will be evaluated based on their branding and reputation, as well as their appeal to talents.

Judging Process & Our Panels
Ir Francis LEUNG

Ir Francis Leung
HKIBIM Founding Chairman

Dr. Lobo Fung

Dr. Lobo Fung
HKICPM President

Mr. Simon Kit Lung WONG, BBS, JP,

Mr. Simon Kit Lung WONG, BBS, JP, LH Group Chairperson and CEO

Ir Francis LEUNG is the pioneer of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Hong Kong. He established The Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM) in 2009. He also established the Hong Kong Alliance of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations (HKABAEIM), which became the Hong Kong Chapter of the buildingSMART International. In 2021, Ir LEUNG was appointed a member of the Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment Training Board of the Vocational Training Council (VTC). In addition, he promotes BIM and the newly developed profession through participation in various sectors and disciplines.
In 2020, Ir LEUNG established BIMSONS Limited providing professional BIM services with the vision to enhance productivity in the construction industry. Its mission is to let everybody enjoy BIM. BIMSONS’ value is to enable collaborative working environments by clearing technical barriers. It is a company for the “Sons of BIM”. Let the passionate BIM people develop our ideal BIM world.
Francis started BIM in 2005. He self-learnt the world’s most popular software, Autodesk Revit and became an expert. Through the use of the BIM technology, develop Information Management to support organisational management, project management and asset management.

Dr. Lobo Fung engaged in legal work in his early years and switched to real estate industry in 1989. Dr. Fung is currently working as a Managing Director of a professional real estate services consulting company in Hong Kong. He has successively served as Director, General Manager and Deputy General Manager of the property management companies under a number of listed developers in Hong Kong, responsible for Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland China. He has extensive experience in property management laws and regulations, business development, practical operation and training. In his spare time, Dr. Fung also serves as a property management course advisor/visiting professor in the colleges and universities from both sides of the Strait and member of some local government advisory committees. Dr. Fung holds a Diploma in Law and Administration, a Professional Diploma in Real Estate Administration, a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Arts in Housing Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. Professionally, Dr. Fung is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Property Managers and a Certified Property Manager, a Hong Kong Registered Professional Surveyor (Property and Facilities Management), a Hong Kong Registered Professional Housing Manager, a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Chartered Surveyor (Facility Management), Professional Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (Property and Facilities Management), Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, United Kingdom, Professional Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Housing, Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and a Chartered Legal Executive.
In addition, Dr. Fung is also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of International Dispute Resolution and Professional Negotiation, a Visiting Scholar and an overseas Associate Professor at the Department of Assets and Property Management, Taiwan Hwa Hsia University of Technology, Professional Adviser for the property management courses of the Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Continuing Education Advisor (Property Management) of the Continuing Education Office, School of Professional Education and Executives Development at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lecturer of the Property and Facility Management Course of the Institute of Professional Education and Knowledge (PEAK), Vocational Training Council and instructor of the Property Management Courses of the Hong Kong College of Technology.

Graduated from The University of New South Wales, Simon is an entrepreneur with strong engineering background. He is currently the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of LH Group (HKEx: 1978) and Kabushikigaisha Limited, of which a numerous Asian cuisine brands are under its management, including Japanese Yakiniku chain Gyu-Kaku, shabu-shabu specialists Mou Mou Club and On-Yasai, and Peace Cuisine.

Simon has been recognized as Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Person 2011. He is currently the Chairman of Quality Tourism Services Association, the Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Japanese Food and Cuisine Association, and the Honorary President of Institution of Dining Professionals. He has been active in making innovative changes to the Food & Beverage industry, as well as promoting environmental-friendly and socially responsible policies.

Simon created the 6-course wedding banquet menu (as opposed to the traditional 8-course menu) to reduce food waste; with WWF HK, he was the first to proactively offer “No Shark Fin” sustainable seafood wedding banquet menu in 2010, a milestone of collaboration between Chinese cuisine and environmental associations. After participating in the RTHK TV program ‘Rich Mate Poor Mate III’ in 2013 and has gained new insights on poverty, he initiated the ‘Suspended Meal’ scheme in Hong Kong, earning society-wide recognition.

Additionally, Simon was elected as an “Honorary KIKISAKE-SHI SAKA-SHO (Sake Sommelier)” by the Sake Service Institute (SSI) in 2017 for his great contribution to the promotion and the development of Japanese Sake wine culture. In 2018, he was appointed as an “Outstanding management leader” by the recruitment network Recruit. He was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of the College of Business, CityU Hong Kong in 2019.

Simon was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2014 and was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in 2021. His acting engagement in the public sector includes serving as the Chairman of Environmental Campaign, the Chairman of Catering Industry Training Advisory Committee, the Non-Executive Director of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and Chairman of its Finance Committee. He is also the Vice-chairman of Employees Retraining Board, a member of Hong Kong Tourism Board and a member of Advisory Council on the Environment.

Dr. SUEN Lap-man

Dr. SUEN Lap-man
Watson Consultancy Director

Ms. Titania Woo

Ms. Titania Woo
HKMA Executive Director

Ms. Ruth Yu

Ms. Ruth Yu
HKRMA Executive Director

Dr. Suen provides management consultancy, training and employee counseling for both public bodies and private corporates over 15 years, renowned clients such as Dairy Farm International Holdings, MTR, China Light and Power, Civil Service Bureau and Hospital Authority. He has made profound studies and local research on work motivation, staff coaching, customer service, complaint handling and conflict management. Dr. Suen has conducted over 200 sessions of training workshops on the above topics.

Ms Titania Woo joined The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) in 1995 and is now the Executive Director of the Association. Over the years, Ms Woo dedicated herself to promoting management excellence. Under her leadership, the HKMA has enhanced its service offerings and provided a wide range of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree programmes in partnership with renowned universities worldwide as well as diplomas, certificates, seminars and workshops so as to bring in the latest management trends and development. Various annual business forums and awards of the HKMA have become important yearly flagship events and established themselves as the most respected accolades in their respective industries. The HKMA also offers an excellent platform for members and business executives to network, exchange of ideas and further their knowledge.
Ms Woo spared no efforts in promoting sustainability. She spearheaded the establishment of the Association’s Sustainability Committee in 2014, the launch of the Hong Kong Sustainability Award in 2016 and the setting up of the HKMA Global Centre for ESG Education and Research in 2021 with great success. In 2021, she pioneered the establishment of the “Business with Purpose” platform together with Social Ventures Hong Kong to promote shared value strategies and goals that benefit both society and corporate performance. Ms Woo also devoted herself fully to the promotion of innovation. Under her leadership, the Association continuously stays on top of the latest market trends and introduces many relevant courses and activities. In 2022, she reinvented the HKMA Academy for Innovation and management and launched the inaugural HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award, aiming to advance the competitiveness of different sectors by encouraging them to embrace innovative mindsets and active transformation.
Ms Woo is currently a member of the Incorporated Management Committees of the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College and the HKMA K S Lo College as well as an advisory board member of St James’ Settlement and Hong Kong Red Cross. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from The University of Hong Kong and a Master of Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Ms. Yu is currently the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) responsible for leading the Association to carry out its mission of representing the trade, promoting the rights of retailers, and raising the status and professionalism of retailing through awards, education and training.

Prior to joining the HKRMA, Ms. Yu had worked for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council where she had 17 years of experience in local and overseas trade promotion.

Mr. Francis Ngai

Mr. Francis Ngai
SVhk Founder and CEO

Ms. Miko Cheung

Ms. Miko Cheung
HR Director


Francis 為 SVhk (香港社會創投基金) 的創辦人兼行政總裁,亦是Green Monday、全城街馬、SONOVA及COSMOS的共同創辦人;同時是 遊樂道、合厰、Bottless、WE+的創辦人。


在成立SVhk之前,Francis曾於香港一家上市科技綜合企業集團擔任戰略主管。他被《The Purpose Economy》雜誌評選為「100位亞洲先驅者」之一,香港城市大學及香港教育大學授予榮譽院士,並於2012年被世界經濟論壇評為全球青年領袖、2011年被選為香港十大傑出青年之一。

介作為一名經驗豐富的超級馬拉松選手,魏先生於2013年完成了「北極馬拉松賽」,並於2012年 完成了250公里的「世界四大極地超級馬拉松巡迴賽」。

Miko Cheung具有15年以上人力資源管理的經驗。作為集團的人力資源總監,她負責全方位的人力資源和學習發展計劃,並將其推廣至本地及海外的各個業務部門。Miko亦積極推廣和實施內部核心價值– H.I.T.(快樂、誠信、團隊精神)企業文化和設計思維應用。Miko更以身作則參加多項馬拉松賽事及考取體適能教練證書,致力為企業及社區推動身心健康活動。


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