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Privacy Policy

Services provided by Recruit.com.hk are operated by Recruit & Company Limited.

Recruit.com.hk 提供的服務是由Recruit & Company Limited 所操作。

It is our policy to pledge to meet internationally recognized standard of personal data privacy protection and in particular to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) of the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.


This policy applies to all registered and unregistered users of Recruit.com.hk and may from time to time be updated, revised, reposted and changed where Recruit.com.hk deems necessary.

這項政策適用於所有於Recruit.com.hk已登記及未登記的使用者,以及可能會不時地更新、修訂、重刊及更改,而Recruit.com.hk 視為有必要的。

Please read the following carefully to understand our policy and practices regarding how your personal information will be treated.



Recruit.com.hk collects information about user that is personally identifiable like name, address, email address, phone number and demographic information including country, age, sex, occupation, employment history and education that is not otherwise publicly available.

Recruit.com.hk 收集能辨識使用者身分的信息,如姓名、地址、電郵地址、電話號碼;及沒有對外公開的人口統計學信息,包括國家、年齡、性別、職業、受聘及教育履歷。

Occasionally, Recruit.com.hk may also collect additional personal data from user in connection with contests, surveys, or special offers, for such purposes as would enable us or our affiliates to provide website or other electronic services, which we believe, are suitable for or of interest to you.

Recruit.com.hk 不時舉辦比賽、調查或特別優惠,有可能同時向參與者收集額外個人資料,目的是能使我們或我們的附屬機構來提供網站或其他電子化服務,我們相信這是適合或合乎你的利益。


The purposes for which your personal data are used or are to be used included:



1. to provide us with a better understanding on the demographics of the registered users;


2. to enable us to provide other services to better tailor your needs;

2. 為使我們可提供更能切合你需要的其他服務;

3. for direct marketing of our products and services and/or those of our business partners (restricted to those informed by or sent through us only), including recruitment, job seeking, training, courses, education, seminars, human resources, enterprise, banking, investment, finance, business consultancy, beauty, personal care, fashion & accessories, fitness, cosmetics, food & beverage, catering, travel, telecommunications, electrical products, electrical appliances, book and publication, newspaper and magazine, stationery, leather and related services, wedding, photography and videography, network, software, audio and visual, property, social media, entertainment and leisure, furniture & household products, toys and games, transportation, logistics, motor, online shopping, household services, membership, medical, health & healthcare, premise & property, estate agents, non-profit organization, pets, media, government, insurance, shopping malls, department stores, child product & services, sports and survey.

3. 為直接推廣我們及/或我們商業夥伴(只限經由我們通知或發送)之推廣資料,包括招聘、求職、培訓、進修、教育、講座、人力資源、創業、銀行、投資、財務、商業諮詢、美容、個人護理、時裝及衣飾、纖體、化妝、飲食、餐飲、旅遊、電訊、電子產品、電器、書刊、報章、雜誌、文儀用品、皮革及服務、婚嫁、攝影及攝錄、網絡、軟件、影音、建築、社交網絡、娛樂消閒、傢俱及家庭用品、玩具及遊戲、運輸、物流、汽車、購物網站、家居服務、會籍、醫療、健康及保健、地產、物業、非牟利機構、寵物、傳媒、政府、保險、商場、百貨公司、兒童產品及服務、運動、意見調查。

4. for recruitment purpose and internal analysis

4. 為招聘目的及我們內部的分析。


The personal data of user will only be transmitted and disclosed to our business partners ( for the purpose specified in the preceding paragraph or any directly related purpose) which have made specific requests for such data only if and when user has given his/her consent.

個人資料只會傳送及公開予我們的商業夥伴 (目的於前面一段已說明或其他直接相關的目的),當基於收集資料時已提出明確的要求,並獲得使用者提供他/她的同意。

Recruit.com.hk will not disclose personal data of user unless we are required to do so by law or we believe that such action is necessary to :

Recruit.com.hk 不會公開使用者的個人資料,除非法律要求我們如此做或我們相信有關措施是必須的:


1. comply with the law or applicable regulations;

1. 遵照法律或適用的條例;

2. protect and defend our rights and property;

2. 保障及維護我們的權利及財產;

3. protect against misuse or unauthorized use of Recruit.com.hk; or

3. 保障防止不正確使用或未經授權使用Recruit.com.hk;或

4. protect the personal safety or property of our users or the public.

4. 保障我們的使用者或公眾人士的個人安全或財產安全。


Recruit.com.hk also links to a wide variety of other sites. We are not responsible for their contents or their privacy policies or how they treat information about their users.

Recruit.com.hk 亦會連接至其他各種各類的網站。我們並不負責他們的內容或他們的私隱政策或他們處理使用者資料的方法。

Recruit or its affiliates will NOT, without the job seeker's prior consent, pass on details of the job seekers to any third party.

Recruit 或其附屬公司並不會在未經求職者預先批准下,把求職者的詳細資料傳送給任何第三者。


Your personal data will be kept until such times as you make a written request to terminate your membership of Recruit.com.hk.

你的個人資料將會保存直至你以書面要求終止你的Recruit.com.hk 會籍。


If you do not wish to receive any aforesaid promotional materials from us and /or our business partners (restricted to those informed by or sent through us only), please indicate your objection by writing or emailing to us at the address specified below.

Address : Recruit & Company Limited: Level 11, East Wing, NEO, 123 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
Email : customer@recruit.com.hk


倘若 閣下選擇不接收我們及/或我們商業夥伴任何直接市場推廣的資料,閣下可以書面或電郵到以下地址通知我們。

地址 : Recruit & Company Limited: Level 11, East Wing, NEO, 123 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
電郵: customer@recruit.com.hk

Contacting us

You may make data access and/or correction request to us at the following address. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at customer@recruit.com.hk.