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Contacts :9586-XXXX ( mobile)     2566-XXXX (Home)
E-mail:          Current Salary : HKD10,200 ( Gross)
Highest Education : College

Martial Status: Single       Residence: Shanghaiese
Date of Birth: Jan, 1979

08/ 2003-Present
XXX Business Travel Company
Bought over XXX Comfort's JV in China, it is the largest corporate travel companies in Asia Pacific region. A public listed company in Australian Stock Exchange with its market capitalization over 1 billion US dollars, with its head office in Australia and 6,500 staff worldwide and 1,000 locations.

IT Supporter, Data Analyst & System Administrator
Monitor company's IT system, Telephony System and Accounting System to operate smoothly
Assist Account Manager in analyzing the travel spend for many multinational companies such as A Company, B Company, C Company, D Company, E Company, F Company & H Company etc.
Editing and Making the ESR ( Executive Service Review) report for the accounts in the form of Power Point.
Implement the new system and assist with the oursourced Accountant System
Budgeting for all the IT facilities such as computers, telephone lines & systems.


YYY Comfort Company
The leading travel management company, with its customer-oriented business concept and qualified customer care associates, it is well-developed in China though eventually it was gobally acquired American Express in Jul 2003. It has been providing its travel management service to most multi-national companies. There is a consistent attention to quality, maintained by dedicated employee who are accustomed to meeting the specific needs of its clients. All this is supported with innovative products and services increasing the value of what it provides.

Data Entry & Data Analyst
To load all the customers' profile in system.
To load all the travel data in Galileo Accountant System
Monitor the BSP a/p's amount is in accordance with the Travel Consultant's calculation.
Assist Account Manager in fulfillment the ESR ( Executive Service Report) to the accounts.
Analyze all the travel data & travel spend for the Accounts such as the Carrier Market Share, Average Ticketing Price, Hotel Spend, Airfare
  comparison and fulfillment the detailed report for the airline deals's report on behalf of Account Manager.

08/2000 – 09/2003
Shanghai International School
Colledge, major in Computer Science

Computer Application Science, C Language, Database Management & MIS reporting

09/1997 –06/2000
Shanghai Enviornmental School
Speciality in Computer Science

Galileo Operation Training
Make Reservations, Hotel Reservations and City Abrievation & De-abrievation entry

Flight Centre System training in Macau ( organized by Office)
The implementation of the new system Training
TAMS – Galileo Account System training

Flight Centre Customer Focus Training

Good Communication & Co-ordination Skills
Good knowledge of Computer Science
Be Familiar with the Travel Industry IT system's maintenance
Be Familiar with the city code in China

Hard-working, responsible and honesty

Additional Information :
Reference available from former HR manager in Flight Centre, currently works for AAA Company HR Manager – Mr Chen

10 Things to Beware at Workcover Letter & Sample Letter Resume & Sample Resume Job interview How to Dress for a Job  Interview 12 most frequently asked  interview questions Thank you Note & Sample Recruit